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Together we can make a better Romania!

Through our work, we support women and children who are victims of domestic violence during their time in the dedicated centers, and who, during those days, need all the necessary comfort to be able to overcome difficult emotional moments and to think quietly about the necessary steps towards a future without violence, with loved ones.



With a monthly donation, you can support us in regularly providing social packages with necessary goods.

*To stop the recurrence of the monthly donation, please send us an email at misiunesociala@zizzou.ro

The services offered by us are free. Help us bring smiles!

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sponsorship 20%

Choose to support a good deed as a commercial entity by completing an online contract: statement 107


Did you know that ...

The Sponsorship Law and the Fiscal Code allow companies paying profit or income tax to offer sponsorships to non-governmental organizations and to benefit from tax facilities, under certain conditions provided by law


For companies paying corporate income tax

Sponsorship expenses are deducted from the profit tax, within the limit of 20% of it, but not more than 7.5‰ (per thousand) of the turnover. You can support us quarterly or annually.


For companies paying income tax

For income tax purposes, sponsorships can only be deducted quarterly.

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Redirect 3,5%

You can support us by donating 3.5% of your income tax. Deadline for submission: May 25, 2023.

Our data:

Cif code: 44363750
IBAN code of the account: RO43RNCB0182170117050001
Associația Solidarele is registered as an authorized provider of social services

Follow the steps below:


Complete Form 230 with your personal data and sign it by May 15.

To complete the form and declaration please download them to your PC desktop and use Acrobat Reader DC. If you can’t make it, you can also download this pdf version.


You can download it pre-filled here and we will send it to ANAF by the deadline (it is necessary to fill in the Declaration of Consent)


You can download it pre-filled and submit it yourself to the ANAF headquarters where you belong with your domicile or by courier/mail with confirmation of receipt or


If you have an account in the ANAF Virtual Space you can upload it there.


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No need to fill in the amount!

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You have the option within the form to direct for one year or two years.

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The form is completed and submitted by natural persons who, for example, perform in Romania:


Income from wages and wages;


Income from independent activities/agricultural activities, imposed based on the income norm;


Income from independent activities based on sports activity contracts, for which tax is withheld at source;


Income from intellectual property rights, other than those for which the net income is determined in the real system;


Income from the transfer of the use of goods, for which the net income is determined on the basis of flat rates of expenses or on the basis of income norms, in the following situations.