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Out of concern for ELE, the SolidarELE Association appeared

The SolidarELE association was born in the middle of 2021, through the realization of a dream – that of doing good around by doing what you like at the same time.

What motivates us?

We believe in the need for solidarity shown towards vulnerable categories to have a better society and world.

We are convinced that we can all be better off when around us we see as little suffering and material deprivation as possible, and where they are, they benefit from decent and decent living conditions.

About us

Made up of passionate and dedicated people in their fields of activity, the solidary ELE association was established as a social economy structure within the project “I.S.P.I. – Sustainable Enterprises for Inclusion” co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Program (POCU), Priority Axis 4 “Social inclusion and combating poverty”, De minimis aid scheme “Support for the establishment of social enterprises”.

How do we do it right?

90% of the profit to be exact, is redirected to people from vulnerable categories (beneficiaries of our projects) in the form of social actions.

We operate according to the principle: it’s good for me, it’s good for you! Combining elements of business with elements of social mission, we want our work to represent a tool for doing good, with a positive impact on society.

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Social mission

The SolidarELE Association fights to protect the rights of people from vulnerable groups (“ELE” from solidarELE) and provides continuous support to them, victims of domestic violence.

The SolidarELE association promotes a democratic society based on equal opportunities and gender, respect for human rights, and a prosperous and balanced society.

Our first projects are dedicated to victims of domestic violence, and 90% of the profit we make by selling the goods we produce under our brand – Zizzou, turns into activities circumscribed by the social mission. Through these projects:

Solidarele LOGO

By offering social packages, we support the provision of decent conditions for temporary accommodation in public social centers that offer accommodation services to victims of domestic violence;


We combat the risk of financial dependence on the aggressor by offering a unique digital tool – an online social store;


We provide educational and recreational resources for children – victims of domestic violence, by creating a space dedicated to them in social centers hosting victims;


We bring to the attention of public opinion the phenomenon of domestic violence and the need to fight against it;


We contribute to the solidarity of civil society with causes of domestic violence.

Social Action Plan 2022


If you want to support us or get in touch with us, write to us at:


It is a tool that we have made available to anyone who knows a case that can become a cause supported by the Solidarity Association.


We are waiting here for project ideas, suggestions for improving/diversifying our social actions, or proposals for partnerships with legal entities that have a similar social mission.

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We distribute social packages for women and children in social centers that temporarily house victims of domestic violence.


The women's and children's packages will contain products adapted to them and of strict and urgent need.


The packages for women will contain at least: sanitary, intimate and body hygiene products, one pajama.


The children's packages will contain at least: sanitary and body hygiene products, a pajama and an educational game/educational book.

How do we make the difference?


We contribute to the creation of decent and optimal living conditions for these people during their stay in these spaces.


We contribute to ensuring hygiene standards and protection against infections in public shelters for women and children victims of domestic violence.


We are facing the problem of insufficient funds available to these social structures to meet the needs of the victims.

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We are waiting for you in the online social shop for victims of domestic violence.


Through the social online store, our beneficiaries sell their handmade products through their skill and talent.


"The service is offered in the form of an online store integrated into the zizzou.ro website


This digital tool helps victims obtain an alternative income and reduce the risk of financial dependence on the abuser.

How do we make the difference?


The money resulting from the sale of the victims' products will go back 100% to them.


We promote these actions to offer them as models of good practice to victims housed in similar centers who can equally enjoy this facility that we make available to any victim, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.


We organize workshops for women and children - victims of domestic violence temporarily housed at the Tranzit Social Center in Baia Mare.


We facilitate online trading: taking, photographing products, publishing on the website, dealing with buyers, shipping products to customers, collecting the amounts and forwarding them to the victims.

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We believe that power grows where there are two, so we invite NGOs that have a similar social mission to dialogue and collaboration.

We are open, we are waiting for your messages at misiunesociala@zizzou.ro

What is ZIZZOU?

ZIZZOU is the brand under which the SolidarELE Association markets the products made by its employees, within the economic activity.

Being a social economy structure, we harmoniously combine business with social. Thus, we do economic activity to then, with 90% of the profit, carry out activities circumscribed to the social mission.

What does the economic activity of the association consist of?


Production of ceramic jewelry, clothing, tableware and interior decoration objects made by modeling and manual processing techniques, resulting in unique products that combine elements of traditional craft with elements of contemporary design;


Production of clothes (mainly, but not exclusively) for children, knitted 100% by hand, from the best and most precious materials, such as merino wool, cashmere, natural silk, organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, etc. The result of this activity is unique, premium-quality clothing that satisfies even the most demanding tastes and expectations.

Why are our products special?


Because they are handmade, using authentic and traditional techniques, which give uniqueness and an increased value to each product resulting from the dedication and attention of the one who makes it.

We give special importance to each thing that we make, to the details that make it up and we convey to it the happiness with which we shape it or process it or knit it, the peace we have when we make it, the joy that each finished piece gives us until it took on the form dreamed and designed.


Because are unique. And with them, you will also feel unique because no one else will have a product exactly like yours. No matter how hard we try, modeled, painted, hand-knitted products do not come out 100% identical. And it is the great advantage of being dedicated to each thing.


Because we use the best and most precious materials in the production process, whether we are talking about ceramic jewelry, tableware, dresses, or knitted jackets.


Because we collaborate with authentic traditional craftsmen in perfecting the production process, thus combine in our collections both elements of tradition and aspects of contemporaneity.


Because they are made by people who craft each product with great skill, passion, and dedication.


Because they are sustainable, and the production process has not affected the environment at all. Modeling or hand-knitting techniques are harmless and kind to nature and the environment.


Each product has the ultimate goal of supporting a social cause, a group, or a vulnerable person, such as victims of domestic violence. And so, by choosing one of our products, you are also doing something good.

Association projects

Atelier tranzit

The first workshop at the Baia Mare Transit Center

Based on the collaboration protocol between our Association and the Baia Mare Social Assistance Department, we managed to organize the first workshop at the Tranzit Social Center, where we modeled clay, painted and manually assembled clothing accessories, necklaces, decorations, and paintings, together with the children and adults from the Center.

On this occasion, we presented them with our idea of creating for them a social store integrated into our website, where they could put up for sale any object that they would make by hand, through their skill and talent, from bracelets braided, knitted things, paintings, drawings, etc.

We organized this first workshop to stimulate their creativity and encourage them to produce things to enjoy/benefit from the social store we are about to build.

Atelier tranzit2

Workshop no. 2 at the Baia Mare Transit Center

On January 31, 2022, the second workshop took place at the Tranzit Social Center where I painted, modeled clay, and manually assembled clothing accessories together with adults and children from the Center.

We were also joined this time by the young people from the Baia Mare Transit Center, who came to support another vulnerable group – the victims of domestic violence.

The young people joined forces with those from the Center, they were active and processed ceramic masses and their hands were “dressed” in porcelain dust.

The objects made will be presented and put up for sale in the social store.

coltul cu bucurii

The “Joy Corner” project for children from the Transit Social Center for women and children victims of domestic violence

With the support of the Autonom Foundation, we set up at the beginning of December 2021, an educational & relaxation area for children in the Center.

Children with ages ranging from 0-18 come here, along with their mothers. They arrive here amid tense, violent situations, with their clothes off, thoughts inappropriate for their ages, and sad hearts. They can stay here for a maximum period of 6 months. In the Center, they find open arms and good people, a room, and a quiet bed. But what they lacked until now was the play and socializing area to be equipped with furniture adapted to their needs, books, and educational games for different ages. Now they have at their disposal the “joy corner” where they have been playing and learning since that December afternoon.

We were happy to find at the Tranzit Social Center representatives open to collaboration and eager to provide them with a pleasant and friendly environment.

pachete sociale

We offered 30 social packages at Baia Mare Transit Social Center

On 10.06.2022, I went to the Tranzit Social Center for temporary shelter of women and children victims of domestic violence in Baia Mare, to hand over 30 social packages. Prepared and offered: – 15 packages for women, including (with slight variations in content): a shampoo, a liquid hand soap, a disinfectant gel/disinfectant wet wipes, a shower gel, absorbents, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a towel, and a pajama; – 15 packages for children, including (with slight variations): a shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, toothpaste for children, a toothbrush, a towel, night suit, an educational game/book. By offering the packages with the mentioned content, we contributed to the achievement of standards of hygiene and protection against infections in public centers in MM sheltering women and children victims of domestic violence.