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Sara shirt, linen│handmade

The Sara shirt exudes purity and tenderness. Crafted from the most delicate 100% pure linen, it will let your pup’s skin breathe and be protected at the same time. Enjoy all the properties of noble linen.


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By purchasing this product, you contribute to the concrete social actions of the SolidarELE Association, channeled towards combating the consequences of domestic violence and supporting people from various vulnerable groups.


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100% pure organic linen fiber fabric.

Properties of flax:

  • Linen is a noble material, the determinant of elegance. This organic fabric is aimed at people who are concerned about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Linen is durable and resistant.
    Due to the strong bond between the fibers, the linen fabric is resistant to stretching and rubbing.
  • Linen offers comfort on hot days.
    The characteristic feature of linen is its permeability. At high temperatures, the skin can breathe freely.

Flax protects your health.
Linen is anti-allergenic and antibacterial. It is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Linen is ecological.
Linen is a natural material, which comes from vegetable fibers. It is organic and completely decomposes, leaving no hazardous waste for the environment.


The fabric can be smoothed by steaming and light ironing; The soft-crepe appearance can be removed until completely smooth depending on the intensity and temperature of the ironing. The crepe look returns after every wash, imprinted in the fabric’s memory.

Hand/automatic wash. To separate the colors; Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleaching products; the Washing temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

Ironing: at high temperatures, preferably with steam.